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bbi-2020-06-‘Easy Clean’ concept extended

At iba 2018, Koenig presented the Combiline plus in Easy Clean Design. Now the bakery machine manufacturer is extending the concept to the Combiline roll line.

“We see great demand for lines that are easy to clean and easy to use. The topics cleaning and maintenance are very important for many bakeries, which is why we will continue to expand the ‘Easy Clean’ series. Since autumn 2020, we have been presenting the globally proven Combiline roll line in the ‘Easy Clean’ design,” Koenig CEO Wolfgang Staufer explains.

In addition to the great versatility for various rolls, the Combiline EC offers easier cleaning, maintenance and access to all modules. The ‘Easy Clean’ concept enables significantly reduced cleaning time and downtimes.

The line can be combined with various dough dividing and rounding machines and offers an hourly output of approx. 7,500 pieces in 600mm working width or 9,000 pieces in 800mm working width.

With this line, bakeries can produce, amongst others, cut rolls, Kaiser rolls, hamburgers, hot dogs, housky (plaited rolls) etc.

The Combiline EC’s ‘Easy Clean Design’ at a glance:
+ The ‘Easy Clean’ design features a new type of frame construction and thus ensures optimized hygiene and accessibility. With beveled surfaces at a 45° angle, neither flour nor dough residues can build up.
+ The line offers generous ground clearance of at least 300mm and there are no machine feet directly next to each other.
+ When designing the line, welded constructions were largely preferred to screw connections.
+ The line is robustly made of Nirosta stainless steel and plastic parts for long-lasting operation and is completely rustproof.
+ Stamping station, proofer and forming station are in an open design for easy access; the forming tools are easy to remove and can be stored on a separate trolley for clean and protected storage.
+ The cable lines were laid as individual lines for easier cleaning.
+ The line is also equipped with UVC tubes for disinfecting the proofing swings. This serves to disinfect the surfaces and inhibits mold formation.


 Koenig has extended the ‘Easy Clean’ concept to the Combiline roll line