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bbi-2020-06-How often are baked goods affected?
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 How many food recalls were there in Europe in 2018 and 2019?

The European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed ‘RASFF’ counted 352 food recalls from consumers in 2018 and 359 in 2019.

How many recalls in the category ‘cereals and baked goods’ in Europe?

‘RASFF’ counted 47 recalls of cereals and baked goods from consumers in 2018 and 44 in 2019.

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The figures quoted for Europe come from the ‘Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed’ (RASFF).
The RASFF figures can only be indicative, as:
+ Not every rapid alert gives information about the measures taken (recalls). In its evaluation, the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety only took into account notifications in which the measure ‘recall’ was explicitly mentioned.
+ As a rule, a case is also only included in the RASFF if it has been distributed to other EU Member States. Recalls of food products that have been distributed exclusively in one country are therefore not covered by the RASFF.

What were the most common causes?

The most frequent cause of reported recalls of cereals and bakery products in 2018 and 2019 in Europe was primarily labelling deficiencies, e.g. lack of allergen labelling (30 recalls). The RASFF identified exactly 9 recalls due to foreign bodies in cereals and baked goods for 2018 and 11 for 2019.
Note: The results are based on a request to the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

 Barry Callebaut opens fourth office in China

The Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products, announced the opening of its fourth office and the third CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center in China, at Shenzhen. Barry Callebaut currently has a local factory in Suzhou, sales offices and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Centers in Shanghai, Beijing, to which Shenzhen is now added. “China is one of our largest Gourmet markets in the world. Our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Centers in China have become a hub of expertise, creativity and inspiration for both professionals and chocolate lovers. And this extends online too”, Denis Convert, Vice President Gourmet for Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific.

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Barry Callebaut Group has opened its fourth office and the third CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ Center in China