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bbi-2020-06-South Africa: Food Lover’s Bakery

 Food Lover’s Market is a South African supermarket chain operating over 100 franchised grocery stores and convenience stores throughout Southern Africa. The store concept is described by the retailer as an ‘old-fashioned fresh marketplace in a modern theatre-of-food setting’. At Food Lover’s in the Gateway Lifestyle Centre in Hermanus, South Africa, the market ambience includes a ‘Running Sushi’ and of course a bakery where breads, doughnuts and cupcakes are freshly made, according to the company. Some popular breads at Food Lover’s Bakery are for example a Cranberry & Nut Rye Bread, the German Landbrodt, Sweet Potato Sourdough Bread and the Herb-infused Soup Bread.


 The bakery in the Food Lover’s Market in Hermanus

f2m-bbi-20-06-market-brot regal

No self-service at the bread shelf; a sales person hands the customers the bread and bread rolls

f2m-bbi-20-06-market-cake secletion

The cake selection


Five doughnuts cost R20 (about 1.10 EUR)


 Hot Cross Buns are offered in five varieties, including ‘Extra Spicy’ and ‘Chocolate’