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bbi-2021-01-A balanced bake makes perfect

Better baking for biscuits and cookies means matching the intended baking curve of the product, stage by stage, consistently and efficiently. With its Emithermic oven, Reading Bakery Systems provides complete control over five baking parameters that create a more balanced bake.

Flexibility is essential when the task is baking cookies and biscuits that can greatly vary in characteristics. Reading Bakery System’s Emithermic oven can be optimized for each type of product in this segment by controlling and combining five parameters on each oven zone: temperature, upper and lower air circulation, exhaust, and heating source. The Emithermic oven is a fairly new innovation combining traditional baking concepts and different equipment designs with the flexibility and efficiency of modern technology, enabling control over the different stages in the baking profile of a biscuit or a cookie, from development, through to setting, and drying and coloring.