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bbi-2021-01-Sourdough in four key messages

Fedima, the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionary and Patisserie Industries, has been conducting a campaign to promote and increase sourdough awareness among industry members and consumers. Fedima’s president, Johan Sanders, reveals the concept, execution, and impact of the campaign based on an in-house consumer study.

Mihu: Why are these kinds of activities important in today’s environment? Why are such messages necessary dialogues in the industry?
Johan Sanders: One of Fedima’s objectives is to create a European playing field, which is especially important now because the playing field is changing from a pan-European perspective to the trend of going back to a local kind of thinking – and Brexit is just one example of this trend. On the one hand, going local is associated with familiarity and can have positive connotations; but, on the other hand, there can be side effects. Confusion is one of them, regarding countries where a product is allowed while elsewhere it might not be, for example, and the subjective arguments surrounding them, which create confusion among consumers.