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bbi-2022-01-Taste Tomorrow, every day

Puratos has been guiding its strategy in line with the findings of its ‘Taste Tomorrow’ study, an extensive consumer research program undertaken every two years. It is now regularly updated as findings guide decisions to fast-paced consumer changes, the company’s new CEO, Pierre Tossut, shared with us.

Catalina Mihu: Congratulations on your new role. Please share your thoughts on taking on the CEO role at the beginning of a new year in an unprecedented global business environment.
Pierre Tossut: As Daniel Malcorps was preparing to step down from his CEO role (Malcorps led the company for 20 years, until the end of 2021 – eds.), we had started a transition process two years ago, so I could step in starting from the beginning of January this year. Cédric van Belle also took on the role of Chairman of the Board at the same time; we have been working together for the past two years in preparation for taking over the new assignments.