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bbi-2022-02-Microorganisms have a wealth of untapped potential
f2m-bakinh+biscuit-2022-02-Brice Audren Riche-Lesaffre

Brice-Audren Riché began his role as Lesaffre’s CEO on January 1, 2022. He shared with us his perspective
on managing a company the stature of Lesaffre, his thoughts on current disruptions, and the fundamentals of innovation and conducting business going forward.

Catalina Mihu: Congratulations on the new role! What are your thoughts on taking the lead of one of the key global companies in the baking industry, in the current environment?
Brice-Audren Riché: It is with great enthusiasm, pleasure and pride that I have taken over the position of CEO at Lesaffre, succeeding Antoine Baule, whose dedication to the service of our group for nine years I would like to pay tribute to.
With the 11,000 employees of the group throughout the world, we will carry on developing solutions based on micro-
organisms such as yeast, yeast extracts, bacteria, phages, and more. Lesaffre’s various activities are at the heart of the challenges of today and tomorrow, stemming from how to nourish nine billion people by 2050, in a healthy way, by making the most of our planet’s resources. It is extremely stimulating to be able to accompany the growth of our group in a sustainable and responsible manner, both in Baking and Nutrition & Health.