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bbi-2022-02-“Recognize your market, go in-depth!”

This spring, Aart-Jan Hartman, Chief Commercial Officer, celebrates 25 years with Royal Kaak. Here is a
glimpse into building a successful concept of vertical integration, the silver lining for better value offerings for the company’s markets, and the concepts around which Kaak builds its strategy.

Mihu: When we met last year, it was one of our first in-person meetings since the pandemic. Since then, the world has changed again. What are your thoughts on the recent events that upend lives – and work scenes?
Aart-Jan Hartman: We were well into the pandemic, but we were able to celebrate being granted the Royal title when we met, in October. It is, unfortunately, a completely different atmosphere today, indeed, the geopolitical setting is now entirely different than six months ago.