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bbi-2022-04-activities of exogenous enzymes in baked products

The activities of various exogenous enzymes in baked products were systematically analyzed from dough
preparation, through the baking process and into storage. The texture analysis methods that were developed allowed the events occurring during the development of firmness in the wheat crumb to be differentiated into processes taking place before or after baking. The presence of the enzyme preparations examined during the project showed no detectable functional effects during storage in the crumb that was already formed, due to either previous inactivation or a lack of functionality in the end product.

By Thekla Alpers, Sabina Paulik, Thomas Becker, Mario Jekle, Katrin Reichenberger, Sabine Lutz-Wahl, Lutz Fischer, Gerold Rebholz, Katharina A. Scherf