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bbi-2022-05-A smooth ride

Reliable product transfer between processes is essential to maintaining the rhythm in production sequences, with continuous, automated adjustements. To optimize efficiency in industrial baking, everything is riding on conveyor systems.

As products move along the production cycle, their characteristics evolve to the next desired stage. Conveying systems need to be mindful of that, especially for the belts that operate on them. What is the correct belt for each process step? To identify the right type for each conveying job in a bakery, the first step is having a clear understanding of the product and the application, as each can greatly vary compared to its down- or upstream counterparts, from proofing and cooling to baking and packaging or general conveying. Ashworth provides a comprehensive range of conveyor belts and provides us with a ‘guided tour’ of the various types of belts that are the best match for each process in a bakery.