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bbi-2022-05-Trays with a mission (Anneliese excerpt)

One characteristic shared by different types of bakeware, from trays to pans or cake molds is their mission to make the baker’s life easier.

Having your cake

Traditional cake pans, bundt cake pans, cupcake or mini cake pans, springform pans, silicone cake molds, and sheet cake pans – bakeware for cakes is as diverse as the delicious products that are their guests while baking or even afterward. Correctly caring for their delicate visitors is what makes all types of trays essential in supporting bakers. They can be sponge cake trays that carry the cake from the workshop to the store and also make product presentation literally ‘a piece of cake’. Or, molded trays for industrial use, where imprints ensure that every product produced has the same shape to ease packaging and match customer expectations. Non-stick coatings suited to the requirements of individual products are also part of the same conversation, Marc Schulze, Key Account Manager Export, Anneliese, says.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2022]. Read the full article in the magazine: