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bbi-2022-06-The lightbulb moment

Middleby Corporation partnered with Vyv to provide baking equipment that comes equipped with
antimicrobial LED technology, a continuous hygiene solution based on UV-free, visible light that safely offers protection against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeasts and other microorganisms.

Middleby announced the investment and license agreement with Vyv in 2021, with the goal of creating cleaner food processing environments by combining their technologies. Vyv started with the goal of making healthcare environments cleaner, but has broadened its portfolio of antimicrobial lighting solutions that lower microbial counts on surfaces in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments and applications. These are LED-based lights and do not contain bulbs or other consumable parts and are warranted for five years. The technology brings notable added benefits, too: it is energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable as it continuously works to prevent microbial growth indoors. In addition to cleaner surfaces, Vyv’s clients have reported significant reductions in air contamination. All of these are highly sought-after in bakery production facilities, where they can now be incorporated into Middleby equipment.