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bbi-2023-01-Cutting straight to the chase

Perfecting the recipe and baking are prerequisites for successful products. Next, it is the cutting that adds the final touch to ensure a successful delivery and customer experience, for bakeries of all sizes.

 For smaller and medium-sized operations and their footprint challenges, BAKON recently added a new solution to its portfolio of cutting equipment: the Pico ultrasonic cutting machine. The Dutch specialist introduced this solution in 2022 to bring an additional choice to its range of cutters. An entry-level machine, the Pico was designed to provide the balance between costs and benefits for smaller operations, since it is more cost-effective for smaller production volumes, BAKON details the development thought process. “Within the Slicer range, the investment bar is way lower for customers with the Pico,” explains Halilcan Durgun, Order Manager, BAKON.