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bbi-2023-02-interpack 2023 highlights (Ashworth Belts B.V. excerpt)

As preparations are in full swing for interpack 2023, exhibitors share solutions they are focusing on, information about new technologies that bakers can see at the show, as well as their views on the trade show and the industry.

Ashworth Belts B.V.

Hall 1 B82
Ashworth brings the PosiDrive, its direct-drive solution for spiral systems to the fair, which can be used with new systems and as a retrofit for existing lotension spiral systems. The PosiDrive provides product stability and stable operation in demanding situations (high belt load, heavy product, greasy application), the company explains. The SmartSpiral is also among the stand highlights, providing trending data (graphs) for temperatures, belt tension, oil quality, bearings, etc.
Ashworth also offers plastic belts for lotension- and direct drive spiral systems (Best of Both Worlds) and belts, parts and Factory Service assistance for self-stacking spiral systems (ExactaStack). “Ashworth does not only manufacture belts, but also provides customers with Parts, Audits and Factory Service Assistance, all over the world (Ashworth Factory Service – AFS). AFS in the US is often hired by European OEMs to repair and assist with installing their equipment in North America,” the company shares.
Its SmartOven™ is among the innovations it brings to the show, a solution similar to the SmartSpiral, but for tunnel ovens, with sensors collecting data on uniform heat distribution on the belt and vibration in the system.


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