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bbi-2023-02-interpack 2023 highlights (Mecatherm excerpt)

As preparations are in full swing for interpack 2023, exhibitors share solutions they are focusing on, information about new technologies that bakers can see at the show, as well as their views on the trade show and the industry.


Hall 3 D22
This year, the French specialist focuses on solutions for energy efficiency, the new, easy-to-clean M-DAN oven and new digital solutions for industrial performance.
MECATHERM is launching the new M-DAN Oven, with an improved hygienic design that includes wash-down capability. It can be used for a wide range of food products such as dairy desserts, or pastry products with liquid fillings, with easy changeovers to reduce product waste. The company also highlights the M-Care, its new predictive analysis solution that enables industrial bakers and sweet goods manufacturers to detect anomalies (such as drifts) in equipment early and provide operators guidance for easy initial maintenance checks to optimize their machine availability.
In addition, its experts will share specific insights on how to achieve energy savings. First, they will explore oven designs, such as compact vertical ovens or tunnel ovens, and how different ways of operating these ovens provide opportunities to reduce energy losses. Then, it will underline how convection heating can optimize baking time and reduce the temperature of fumes. MECATHERM ovens are all equipped with convection heating technology, either as the main heating mode (vertical ovens), in combination with radiant heating (M-TA and FTM Ovens), or as an option in a specific heating zone (FTP Oven). Moreover, many of its ovens are compatible with an electric heating source.
The company will showcase its MECAFLEX Line, which includes the M-TA Tunnel Oven and the M-UB Handling System to produce a wide range of products from different process combinations with diverse baking tray types and formats.



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