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bbi-2023-03-Competence for gluten-free doughs
f2m-bbi-23-03-sourdough-glutenfreie Croissants_FRITSCH x JRS (1)

When a machine manufacturer such as FRITSCH and a fiber specialist such as JRS cooperate on application tests for gluten-free doughs or, more precisely, gluten-free croissants, this creates added value because the processes are examined from both perspectives – the machine side and the formulation side.

Gluten-free doughs behave differently from wheat doughs. Gluten-free doughs are often very short, which makes processing more difficult. This issue is evident when it comes to the automated production of gluten-free croissants. The doughs must be rolled out in relatively thin sheets that must not tear during production. For this reason, the raw material hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is often used, because it mimics the functionalities of gluten and thus makes the dough less sensitive to tensile stress.