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bbi-2023-04-Les tartes sont magnifiques

Some of the oldest patisserie creations are also an undisputed dessert staple: pies and tarts.
As they are ­continuously evolving, various techniques can perfect product processing in industrial bakeries, ­preserving the artistry of the skilled patissier.

 Tarts are often an interesting reflection of local cultures, combining different types of doughs with fillings, ­savory or sweet. They can be either open (tarts) or closed (pies) – or partially covered with a lattice. Even more ­flavors and textures can be brought to the creations after baking, by adding jellies, fruits, or meringue. The result: ­virtually endless possible combinations. “For industrial ­production, the baking support used is very important; whether made of aluminum or a different material, they will support the pie or tart as it travels through the various steps of its production and will sometimes be a part of the final packaging,” explains Loïc Le Denmat, patisserie ­expert, MECATHERM. He has been sharing know-how on preparing various specialties via his ‘Ask Loïc’ YouTube ­video series, one of which is dedicated to pies and tarts.