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bbi-2023-06-Every day is cake day!

Sunday gatherings, university admissions, Christmas lunches, first dates, rainy-day lunch breaks, or snacking on the go: virtually any occasion, part of the day, or milestone can be accompanied by a unique, memorable cake. Some may have an ‘assigned’ favorite, but any moment can be marked with a different choice of cake. This means there are limitless opportunities to create taste experiences. To do so reliably, cake mixes can help achieve excellent results, every time.

Cakes are, probably, the most generous product category in terms of new product development opportunities. Expanding a portfolio of cakes can be infinitely creative but still a cost-effective process – when using versatile cake mixes. “With only one cake mix, you can create thousands of different cake applications. Think different shapes and formats such as muffins, loaf cakes, or layered cakes, or different consumption moments and occasions, like minis to go with coffee, big bold celebration cakes for Sunday family events, or yogurt loaf cakes for breakfast!”, illustrates Marie Frigo – Category Marketing Manager Dry, Europe & AMEAP, Dawn Foods. From the same starting point of a cake mix bag, unique, signature cakes can be created by filling, decorating, flavoring, or adjusting them as seasons change.