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Campden BRI launches e-learning platform

Campden BRI debuts its ‘Campden Learning’ on-demand e-learning platform. Campden Learning content can be accessed in bitesize modules, and it allows users to save their progress. It launched with the ‘Thermal Processing – Foundation Level’ course, an introduction to thermal processing. This topic is suitable for anyone working within food & drink manufacturing. The experts on this topic who are managing the course are David Whittaker and Gary Tucker. The course teaches the fundamentals and has been developed by Campden’s technical experts. Its structure includes:

  • An introduction to thermal processing
  • Microbiology in the content of thermal processing
  • Micro heat resistance
  • Equipment for both continuous flow and in-pack processing
  • Process values; process deviations; and process establishment

Participants earn a certificate for completing all eight modules of this course, which are unlocked as they work through the course. Each module concludes with a knowledge check which must be passed to unlock the next module.

“The content delivers essential knowledge for retort operators, quality managers, technical managers, auditors and many other roles, to develop their knowledge of critical concepts such as identifying microorganisms and process validation,” the company shared in an announcement.

Photo: Pexels