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Cargill, ADM to scale back business in Russia

Cargill Inc and Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) announced they would back business Russia, but would continue to operate “essential” food facilities there.

In a recent statement, Cargill commented on the situation: “We have a long history in Russia, but now is a time like no other. As such, we are scaling back our business activities there and have stopped investment.We will continue to operate our essential food and feed facilities in Russia. Food is a basic human right and should never be used as a weapon. This region plays a significant role in our global food system and is a critical source for key ingredients in basic staples like bread, infant formula and cereal.”

At the same time, Cargill also announced it was increasing support of their Ukrainian colleagues and would boost humanitarian efforts in the region. The company removed details on its businesses in Russia and Ukraine from its website, Reuters reported.

ADM also expressed its support for Ukraine in a statement, committing over USD 5 million in financial and other support, “including wheat for the Ukrainian flour milling industry; working with Ukrainian farmers to purchase their crops, putting more cash in the hands of those who need it; and using our logistical expertise to import and distribute emergency food rations.”

ADM also announced its decision to scale down operations that are not related to the production and transport of essential food commodities and ingredients in Russia. Its footprint in the country is “very limited”.