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COP28 agrees: world to transition away from fossil fuels

The COP28 summit welcomes a new climate deal in Dubai on Wednesday, December 13, dubbed the Global Stocktake. The call to transition away from fossil fuels was quickly agreed on, before the speeches from key global players, which were customarily given before the resolution.

“Parties must come together to keep 1.5°C within reach. We will do whatever is needed to make that happen,” was the COP’s message. In his speech, the COP28 president, Sultan al-Jaber, said that this “historic package” is “only as good as its implementation”, the BBC quotes.

This is an “unprecedented call for transitioning away from fossil fuels”, CNN underlines. The news outlet also points out that “vague language” was used in its wording, however, which allows room for loopholes toward minimal action. It does not specifically call for phasing out oil, coal and gas using this phrasing, words that many countries and climate groups had been rooting for.

Photo: Twitter