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Corbion enzyme to support low-sugar reformulation

Enzyme technology developed by Corbion helps lower costs and formula sugar, while expanding shelf-life. Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600 breaks down the long-chain carbohydrates in flour into simpler sugars, adding sweetness to the product, so less sugar and yeast are needed as raw materials.

“Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600 combines patent-pending enzyme technology to prolong product shelf life, enhancing qualities that include resilience, softness, and balanced moistness – freshness qualities key to shaping the consumer’s eating experience,” Corbion explains.

“A standard bread formula may contain around 10% sugar, but when using Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600, bakers can reduce sugar content to 3% without impacting the quality, taste, or freshness of their end product,” said Jesse Stinson, Director-Research, Development & Applications at Corbion.

“At Corbion, our commitment is to provide solutions that meet the valuable needs of our customers. We understand the powerful market dynamics that bakers grapple with, such as persistent inflation and soaring sugar prices,“ comments Abby Ceule, Senior Director, Functional Systems.

Photo: Corbion