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Corbion launches predictive modeling tool for natural mold inhibition

Corbion announced the launch of its predictive modeling tool for natural mold inhibition. The Corbion Natural Mold Inhibition Model (CNMIM) predicts a product’s mold-free shelf life based on real-world testing against 11 different mold strains found on baked goods, by utilizing specific product parameters. The tool compares up to three different natural mold inhibitor formulations, helping bakers better make informed decisions about which solution works best for their product.

“As the first such model developed specifically for the baking industry, the CNMIM enables rapid identification and validation of optimal natural interventions with fewer challenge studies, saving bakers both time and money when bringing new products to market,” Corbion explains.

“The CNMIM takes into account the customer’s product characteristics and formulation to estimate the number of days before visible mold growth occurs for different relevant molds at both a group and individual species level. With detailed modeling results, CNMIM enables a direct comparison of different preservation solutions, assisting bakers in identifying the best option to create more natural baked goods that align with consumer preferences and minimize risk of product returns.

“Responding effectively to consumers’ expectations and their evolving preference for label-friendly foods is crucially important for our customers,” said Lonneke van Dijk, Senior Director, Preservation. “To be able to do it faster and more economically provides them with even greater competitive advantage, and this new tool is all about taking that advantage.”

Natural mold inhibition technology has come a long way in recent years, but some bakers dread the new product development process, which can be slow and costly,” said Domenico Vulcano, Vice President Global Innovation at Corbion.

Photo: Corbion