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Corbion to feature preservation solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing

Corbion will highlight the ability of today’s advanced preservative solutions to deliver flavor and other important sensory attributes along with outstanding food safety and shelf life performance. Gulfood Manufacturing visitors will be able to learn about Corbion’s portfolio news from November 7 to 9 at the Dubai World Trade Center. They can learn how the company uses a variety of vinegars, ferments and plant-based antioxidants, in addition to lactic acid-based ingredients, to protect foods from pathogens and spoilage organisms without compromising flavor, texture or other aspects of the consumer’s eating experience.

“There are many things food manufacturers care about preserving in their products,” said Dr. Mostafa Karzazi, Corbion’s Director of Sales for Middle East and Africa. “Controlling threats to food safety and spoilage is critical, yes. But to the people who buy and consume those products, flavor, texture, color and aroma also matter very much. Corbion preservation solutions take those aspects of product quality into account, too. State-of-the-art preservation technologies can now provide more holistic protection for the things that matter to our customers and their customers.”

In bakery products, Corbion plays a role in helping customers achieve quality and shelf life goals in their fresh-baked goods, including the use of effective, natural mold inhibitors. Corbion solutions also help confectioners achieve a combination of sourness and longer shelf life meeting key demands. In each of these industries, Corbion helps reduce product and resource waste.

Photo: Pexels (#12811289)