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Cornish Bakery adds five new shops

Cornish Bakery is expanding with five new locations in Canterbury, Salisbury, Harrogate, Norwich and Cheltenham, which are now in development.

Several other new sites are also under negotiation, while some existing branches such as those in Gunwharf Quays, Gloucester Quays, Bath, York, Newquay, and Clark’s Village in Somerset have been refurbished and reopened under the company’s new brand, The Retail Bulletin reports. The bakery worked with local artists using products from artisan creators, many of which will be also used for its future locations, the news outlet adds. “We’re now well into the process for our upcoming openings in some of UK’s most prominent market towns and cities […]. Bakery is most definitely the new coffee shop, and we’re continuing to bring our unique experience, and our top-flight customer service, to places and spaces all over the country,” Completely Retail News quotes Steve Grocutt, founder of Cornish Bakery.

Photo: Cornish Bakery social media (Plymouth location)