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DeutscheBack café stand highlights baking concepts

DeutscheBack is presenting its baking concepts for the international bakery industry at its café-inspired iba stand in Munich. The German specialist developed solutions that work worldwide, addressing the challenge of developing product innovations that meet flavor, health and sustainability trends, while being economical to make.
Eight central concepts address current trends as well as regional needs:

  1. Vegan fine baking: DeutscheBack is presenting purely plant-based chocolate and lemon ring cake, brownies, and fruitcakes for the growing community of vegans and flexitarians.
  2. Microwave cupcakes: Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes baked in the microwave, and microwave-made chocolate cake, are the answer to the demand for fast and easy snack options, and are especially popular in Latin America. They are ideal for retail.
  3. Emulsifier substitute: DeutscheBack prepared a sandwich bread without emulsifiers to meet current nutrition trends. The use of alternatives to conventional emulsifiers can enable a “cleaner” ingredients list and so higher market acceptance.
  4. Gluten optimizer: A sandwich bread with a gluten optimizer will be on display, appealing to a growing target group of health-conscious consumers and allergy sufferers.
  5. Fresh-keeping: DeutscheBack is showing international applications for hamburger buns and madeleines that enable longer freshness preservation, to reduce food waste and simplify logistics.
  6. Flatbread and tortillas: Maize tortillas and wheat tortillas will be showcased, that appeal to the tastes of international markets, and are adapted to specific regional preferences and eating habits. This lets the baking industry reach a broader public.
  7. Sugar replacer: DeutscheBack is presenting rolls with the enzyme combination Omnizym as an alternative to conventional sugar.
  8. Frozen baking concepts: The donuts and baguettes presented by the company are thawed on-site and baked fresh. They offer bakeries flexibility in production and storage, without compromising on quality or fresh-keeping.

Thanks to its strong network in the parent Stern-Wywiol Gruppe with sister companies like Mühlenchemie, SternEnzym, SternVitamin, Hydrosol, and HERZA, the company covers the entire value chain in baked goods production. DeutscheBack develops a wide range of standardized baking concepts, premixes, enzyme systems, and special ingredients like cream stiffeners and freshness preservers.

Photo: DeutscheBack

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