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DIOSNA and MIWE organize sourdough seminar

DIOSNA and MIWE held a seminar sharing their expertise on how to perfect sourdough bread processing. Participants from 11 bakeries took part in the event at the MIWE live baking center, on February 15. They noted the quality of the baked products, MIWE says.

Torsten H. Zense, Stefan Schlosser and Andreas Burlager from DIOSNA gave presentations on sourdough and kneading technology, while MIWE specialists delved into fermentation and oven technology. Practical and theoretical sessions were part of the program. “Our DIOSNA starter cultures were also used: DIOStart® rye, DIOStart® rye bread fermentation and DIOStart® wheat fruit,” the company detailed.

Topics in the day’s agenda included:

  • Working with sourdoughs made with DIOStart
  • Kneading dough with different sourdough recipes
  • Pre- and sourdough technologies
  • Dough development
  • Oven loading
  • DIOSNA: kneading technology and dough transfer
  • MIWE: proofing and oven technology

A guided tour of the MIWE live baking center was also part of the seminar’s activities, as well as a tasting of the pastries baked at the event.

MIWE shared impressions about the event: “We have maintained a close partnership with DIOSNA for many years and are pleased to be able to hold joint events and seminars time and again. Here, everyone can present their strengths in the process chain and we can combine and demonstrate different methods of dough production and guidance with different oven systems.
For our customers, this, together with the intensive discussions and new contacts, is always a great added value for which it is particularly worth taking the time out of the usual working day.”

DIOSNA added: “Based on the long partnership and MIWE’s expertise in both proofing and oven technology, we were able to demonstrate various management methods with the DIOSNA sourdough starters, show visitors the features of kneading with sourdoughs in DIOSNA mixers and all the steps of processing up to the finished baked goods. The participants were enthusiastic about the successful interaction of theory and live baking.”

Photo: DIOSNA LinkedIn