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DIOSNA exhibits Hygienic Design mixer

DIOSNA highlights the latest upgrades brought to its WH 240 “A” Wendel Mixer at IBIE 2022.

Q: What solutions are you highlighting at IBIE?

We will showcase the next level in flexibility: the DIOSNA Wendel Mixer WH 240 “A” of the Hygienic Design series. The design of the mixer is based on the high standards and guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

Q: What are the new technology innovations or updates they incorporate?

The DIOSNA Wendel Mixer WH240 “A” (Hygienic Design series) combines high-performance mixing with open stainless steel construction for easy cleaning, allowing quick changes between mixing bowl, for an efficient succession of batches and a fast switch between different recipes. Surfaces are hygienically optimized to prevent microbial and particulate contamination of the baked product.

Q: What markets/product segments are in your focus?

From smaller plants to fully automated large-scale productions, the DIOSNA Wendel Mixer WH240 “A” is suitable for all kinds of dough due to the gentle mixing process and the low dough heating. It can be upgraded to a fully automatic system by adding a transport system.