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Domino’s Pizza leaves Italy

Domino Pizza closed its last stores in Italy, seven years after entering the market, as the company running them in the country filed for bankruptcy. Franchise holder ePizza SpA did not convince Italian customers with the American pizza chain’s options. It first filed for bankruptcy in early April, citing the impact of the pandemic and competition from traditional restaurants using delivery apps. BBC reports, quoting the company: “The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent and prolonged restrictions from a financial point of view have seriously damaged ePizza.”

The closure surprised some Italian consumers who were trying to place orders online, Bloomberg reports. ePizza SpA’s debt at the end of 2020 was EUR 10.6 million,  according to the latest audited annual reports (Bloomberg).

The franchisee was granted protection from creditors for 90 days, which came to an end in July. It had been scaling down business for the past two years. As of last month, deliveries were canceled. The company managed 23 outlets in Italy in 2020, with six additional sub-franchise stores, the bankruptcy documents detailed.

Photo: Domino’s Pizza Facebook