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F2M book launch: ‘Sustainability and innovations supporting it’

In our new book, we have carefully brought together emerging ideas, new perspectives, developing technologies, success stories and science-backed ways to evaluate progress and earn milestones. We looked at sustainability innovation from all perspectives, including ingredients, processes, strategies,  technologies, resource and waste management, packaging and possible scenarios, for an in-depth understanding of today’s biggest business opportunity. We hope they can offer inspiration in these exciting times of change.

Sustainability is the only game, not just the opportunity 

Recent challenges that have transformed the industry almost overnight are such milestones that we often refer to ways of doing business before they occurred and after. We recall and observe two vastly different pictures: ‘before the pandemic’ vs. now, or ‘before the war in Ukraine’ with its domino effect on energy costs, vs. today. Everyone in the supply chain is fast at work to improve the options they provide, too. It does take a (global) village.

From our book series on specialty topics, ‘Sustainability and innovations supporting it’ is now available in two versions: hardcover and digital. The first part brings a comprehensive range of perspectives into the concept for the baking industry, while the second part collects the latest technology developments in the field. The new book has 200 pages and it sells for EUR 49 (including VAT and excluding shipping costs).

Photo: Adobe Stock (#595763076)