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FEDIMA appoints Thomas Lesaffre as president

Fedima nominated its new President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, appointed for a three-year mandate to guide the Board and the association’s work. The new leadership, decided during the recently elected Board’s meeting, includes Thomas Lesaffre of Lesaffre as President, Juan Carlos Puente of Zeelandia as Vice-President, and Carl Horrobin of ABIM as Treasurer.

Together, they are responsible for coordinating the activities and budget of the Association, and their renewable mandate matches the three years of the Board’s mandate.

Thomas Lesaffre spoke on his appointment as President of Fedima: “I am delighted to take on the role of President after participating in Fedima for several years as the Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee and as a Board member. Fedima must defend our industry by working with institutions and stakeholders along the value chain, all whilst supporting and informing customers and consumers, and guaranteeing the safety and sustainability of products. Our members are a crucial part of this; when working alone we might go faster, but by working together we can go further.”

Juan-Carlos Puente commented on his new role as Vice-President: “Having worked in this sector across several European countries I can attest that a federation such as Fedima, which represents the interests of 13 national association members, is crucial to develop common approaches which can allow us to achieve common goals. Indeed, by presenting our unified views to stakeholders, we can help shape the regulatory and legislative landscape to enable business to thrive and remain resilient in the future”.

Carl Horrobin, newly appointed Treasurer, added: “I’m looking forward to contributing to the functioning and future of Fedima in my new role. A Treasurer must have a wide understanding of an organization’s priorities and therefore must be connected to all the moving parts and activities. In my advisory capacity to the Board, I will help guide resource allocation in Fedima’s work so that we can collectively achieve our mission. I am very much looking forward to working alongside the Board to achieve this.”

The new Board, elected at the General Assembly in Sevilla (Spain), also agreed that the next host city for the next General Assembly will be Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo: LinkedIn