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Fitbakes launches new birthday cake

UK’s Fitbakes is set to launch a new Birthday Cake flavor to celebrate securing seven new listings at four different retailers ahead of government HFSS regulations. The new Birthday Cake flavor of cakes will be topped with a layer of low-sugar raspberry jam, a layer of low-sugar white chocolate and will be covered in sprinkles made of natural ingredients. 

Restrictions on the placement of HFSS products – a key part of the UK government’s commitment to reduce obesity – came into force in October 2022. This means that products that are high in fat, sugar or salt, cannot be placed in key locations in-store, such as checkouts, store entrances and aisle ends, to try and reduce impulse buys of unhealthy products.

Ella Rauen-Prestes, Fitbakes

The brand, founded by nutritionist Ella Rauen-Prestes in 2018, has three new listings in Waitrose, one new listing in Tesco, as well as listings in Co-op Midcounties, Holland & Barrett and Selfridges – despite feeling the harsh impact of supply chain and the war in Ukraine.

Rauen-Prestes commented: “Over the last few months, we found that several supermarkets were keen to list our products, recognizing that Fitbakes ticks the box when it comes to providing indulgent healthier alternatives to consumers. Whilst many big brands perhaps aren’t ready for the new HFSS regulations, we’re proud that Fitbakes has filled the gap in the market for cakes and bars that are indulgent and delicious – but naturally low in sugar and high in protein.”

The company usually buys protein powder for its cakes from Europe, and lost a supply stream when a shipment was bombed in Mariupol in April. “We have also been hit by the price rises in raw materials such as wheat flour and sunflower oil, which then caused the cost of rapeseed oil, which we use, to increase. We’ve managed to rise above these challenges and are proud to have these seven new listings in top supermarkets, giving more consumers access to healthy cakes and bars on the go,” she adds

Fitbakes cakes have 95% less sugar, 40% fewer calories and 200% more protein than other cake brands, and have no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colorings. 

Photos: Fitbakes