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France lowers salt content in bread recipes

Starting from October 1, breads sold in France have a lower salt content. The measure is applied to all types of bread. The staple French baguette now contains 1.4 g of salt per 100 g instead of 1.5.

Special breads were reformulated to lower their salt contents down to 1.3 g. The Federation of Bakery Enterprises (FEB) is spearheading an initiative to support reducing salt in its bread recipes. The industry has decided to take action to gradually reduce the amount of salt in bread by approximately 10% by 2025. Sourdough and yeast are among the solutions used by the French bakers to maintain the products’ taste in light of this change.

Bread in France contributes to excessive salt consumption, which averages at around 8 g per day, exceeding the daily recommended intake of 5 g.

Photo: Pexels (#461060)