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French baguette earns World Cultural Heritage status
beautiful girl with baguettes and coffee
Paris-based U.N. heritage body UNESCO agreed to include the “artisanal know-how and culture of baguette bread” on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The votes won the French staple a spot on UNESCO’s Heritage list, joining around 600 traditions from over 130 countries. This “celebrates the French way of life: the baguette is a daily ritual, a structuring element of the meal, synonymous with sharing and conviviality,” a Reuters report quotes UNESCO chief Audrey Azoulay. Around 16 million baguettes are made in France every day, according to a 2019 Fiducial estimate. Traditional French baguettes must be made on the premises where they are sold and can only be made with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast – no other ingredients. They cannot be frozen at any stage or contain additives or preservatives. Its minimum weight must be 80 g and its maximum length 40 cm. France’s FEB welcomed the news: