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FRITSCH introduces PROGRESSA bread at IBIE
f2m_FRITSCH_PROGRESSA_bread_French baguettes

FRITSCH will display the new compact bread line, PROGRESSA bread, at IBIE 2022. By popular demand, virtual demonstrations will also be held. The company’s new Rollfix 3.0 will also be on exhibit, as well as the Doughliner and the MULTIVAC R 105 Thermoforming packaging machine with printing and inspection.

The PROGRESSA bread was launched earlier this year. It is designed to provide similar features to the company’s industrial lines, but into a smaller footprint, for small to mid-sized bakeries. It has a capacity of up to 1,800 kg/h and it specializes in producing breads made from soft doughs with a long pre-proofing time and often with a high rye content. “Its new SDS nano, adapted from our industrial line dough sheeter, flours the dough sheet from all sides. Complete flour-dusting means no need for oil, greater precision in dough production, and faster cleaning. Once dusted, the dough sheet transfers from the SDS nano to the FRITSCH Soft Dough Roller (SDR) for gentle rolling, producing a highly uniform dough sheet, free of shearing forces and separating agents,” FRITSCH details.

The weighing system of the PROGRESSA bread is equipped with two weighing units: first, the dough sheet is weighed immediately before cutting; once the desired weight is reached, the guillotine is released and the dough sheet is cut into individual pieces for further processing. The second weighing happens immediately behind the guillotine. If the weight of the dough pieces deviates from the target weight, the cutting process is corrected accordingly.

“While developing the PROGRESSA bread, FRITSCH focused on easy accessibility and toolless parts removal. There are no motors or other electrical components, such as sensors, in the drive compartment of the line. Workers can dismantle the machine quickly for thorough cleaning with a steam jet,” the company explains. The only oiling on the PROGRESSA is on-demand spraying of the hopper to ensure a uniform flow of dough and prevention of oil inclusions. The hopper is filled according to the FIFO principle (“first-in, first-out”) to ensure consistent dwell times of the dough in the hopper and consistent pre-proofing of the dough sheet. Continuous fill level monitoring ensures automatic feeding when the dough in the hopper falls below a pre-defined fill level.