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FRITSCH to relocate to all-in-one headquarters

MULTIVAC Group acquired land in the new Industrial Park in Iphofen, Germany, where FRITSCH is set to relocate its main headquarters. The new location, spanning 7.6 ha of land, will bring together the business operations of the dough machinery manufacturer, which are now spread over five locations in Kitzingen and Markt Einersheim. Construction is scheduled to start at the end of 2025, and the relocation to the new site is planned for the third quarter of 2027.

The new building complex with a total area of approximately 20,000 square meters will accommodate production halls and assembly facilities, which will be equipped with the latest technology. The World of Bakery, FRITSCH’s Technology Center, will also be relocated to the new site.

New offices and social facilities are assigned around 5,000 square meters, for the FRSTICH team comprising 480 staff members.

“As part of a sustainable infrastructure for the MULTIVAC Group’s new building, there are also several measures planned for the new company site to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We want to use groundwater to heat and cool the building complex. We also want to use as much self-generated energy as possible for the energy supply with a photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power unit,” explains Christian Traumann, Group President (CEO) of the MULTIVAC Group.

“FRITSCH is for us a strategically important Business Unit. We are posting a very positive order situation in the Bakery section of the Group’s business, and we see a lot of potential within our subsidiaries for the entire machinery range from FRITSCH. Thanks to the new company headquarters, which will combine all of FRITSCH’s business activities on one site, we will be able in future to carry out our manufacturing processes even more efficiently.”