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Greek bakeries, pastry shops form new association

Around 20 Greek businesses, with over 300 stores in between them and more than 5,000 employees, are joining forces to form a new association to support them against the ongoing crisis, with a focus on lowering their operating costs, starting with energy bills. They are also aiming to manage raw material prices.

Traditional Terkenlis pastries. Photo: Terkenlis

The newly-formed organization, called the Hellenic Association of Bakery and Confectionery Businesses (EEPAZ), includes some of the country’s established market players, such as Terkenlis, Paul, Stergiou and Veneti, The Power Game reports. The association is unique on the market in its focus on pastry shops as businesses with a cultural dimension, the Greek news outlet adds.

EEPAZ aims to see Greek bakery and pastry shops included among the country’s protected professions, at a time when “the sector is on the verge of extinction”, The Power Game quotes the president of EEPAZ, Panagiotis Monemvasiotis (Veneti).

The association lobbies for pre-crisis emergy prices, with a maximum surcharge of 30%, which the most they can afford. Raw material prices are also seeing an increase absorbed by bakeries and pastry shops.

The members of the association include Terkenlis, PAUL, Stergiou, ESTIA, VENITI, Artopolis, Cretan Bakery Daily Bakery, Savoidaki, Pietris, Cretan Bakery Flavors, Stavrati Family, Epirotiko, Sovolos, TA IULIA, Gavrielidis, Melirryto, Farine Cafe – Boulangerie, Filippos Gavanas, Roxani, Michalis Lemonis, Pontikakis, D. Stergiou and Fournos Stamatakis.

Photo: Veneti social media