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Harpak-ULMA debuts tray sealing technology in the US

Harpak-ULMA launched the Mondini Trave Sinfonia® in its home market in the US. The solution was first unveiled at interpack. The automated tray-packing solution helps increase packaging throughput and comes in a smaller footprint. The highly simplified process is combined with Mondini’s new sealer, its largest to date. In a 1,500mm-long tooling footprint, it delivers 33,000 pounds of sealing pressure. The new Mondini sealer is integrated with the magnetic track system.

The company explains the technology benefits: “Integrating a software-controlled, magnetic track system as part of the sealers bottom tooling is a breakthrough in tray sealing technology. The magnetic rail carries independent trolleys, known as nests. Each nest acts as the bottom sealing tool, eliminating any need to remove the package from the nest to seal it. Unlike mechanical systems, which rely on pusher arms, conveyors, vision systems, or sensors to index tray placement, this digital system delivers precise control of each tray’s position, velocity, and acceleration electronically.”

In addition, traditional infeed and outfeed belts are eliminated – along with associated guides, pacers, belts, and pusher arms, transition points.

Graphic: Business Wire