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HEUFT highlights improved baking systems at iba

HEUFT is bringing one of its latest heat exchangers to Munich this October, as well as a deck and a trolley oven. Its thermal oil system will be used to bake live at the show. HEUFT is exhibiting along its sister company that specializes in refrigeration and cooling systems, ICECOOL.

Master baker Bernd Ludwig, a member of sales management  and food technology teams at HEUFT, shares a preview of what visitors can look forward to:

f2m: What are you preparing to exhibit and what new developments are you highlighting at the iba stand in 2023?

HEUFT: At the HEUFT booth – C2.160 – we will exhibit one of our new, efficiency-improved heat exchangers as well as a VATO deck oven and a VTR trolley oven. We will inform visitors on how to save and manage energy in their day-to-day business and, of course, we are baking live to demonstrate our thermal oil system.

In addition, our newest development is a hybrid heat exchanger, which gives the possibility to choose between electricity or gas/fuel. For example, electricity can be used during the daytime, when solar panels are producing electricity, and gas during the night. Other alternatives can also include burning liquid gas, biogas, wood pellets, or hydrogen.

Did you know that the HEUFT GROUP can do hot and cold? Also represented at our booth is ICECOOL, our refrigeration and proofing specialist.

f2m: Are there special events at the stand for visitors to save the date?

HEUFT: Our bakers will be baking live at our booth round the clock. All visitors are welcome to stop by, watch, taste and, of course, ask all their questions about thermal oil and our artisan and industrial oven systems. Baking on site will be done on stone and in a HEUFT rack and trolley oven.

f2m: On what market trends are you focusing, this year and beyond?

HEUFT: How to save effectively energy is THE topic of our time: how to monitor, control and plan energy consumption better and how to reuse generated heat reasonably. As always, we are actively investing in R&D, especially in the industrial field.

Photo: HEUFT