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IBIE 2025 education program seeks speakers

IBIE officially launched its ‘Call for Speakers’ campaign for the upcoming 2025 IBIEducate show. The educational program offers a platform for chosen presenters to demonstrate their expertise, share best practices, and showcase emerging solutions, trends, and technologies to thousands of professionals. Professionals interested in contributing are encouraged to submit proposals at by August 30, 2024.  
IBIE will feature more than 100 learning opportunities catering to the specific needs of attendees across all job roles and sectors of the baking industry. The program will consist of specialized tracks addressing emerging trends and top-of-mind topics in the global baking landscape. IBIE illustrated the topics that could be ideal for the education program:  

  • Plant-based baking: With the increasing demand for plant-based products, there’s a significant focus on developing plant-based alternatives for traditional baking ingredients like eggs, dairy, and butter. 
  • Clean label and transparency: Consumers are increasingly seeking products with simple, recognizable ingredients and transparent labeling, driving the clean label trend in the baking industry. 
  • Sustainability: Sustainability practices, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and responsible sourcing of ingredients, are becoming paramount as consumers prioritize eco-friendly products and businesses. 
  • Health and wellness: There is a growing emphasis on health and wellness in baked goods, leading to trends like gluten-free, low-sugar, and high-protein options to cater to various dietary preferences and requirements. 
  • Technology integration: The integration of technology in baking processes, such as automation, smart ovens, and data analytics, is revolutionizing production efficiency, quality control, and inventory management. 
  • Artisanal and artisanal-inspired products: Consumers are increasingly drawn to artisanal and handcrafted baked goods, driving demand for high-quality, artisan-inspired products with unique flavors, textures, and presentations. 
  • Diversification of flavors and ingredients: Bakers are experimenting with a wide range of flavors and ingredients to offer innovative and unique products that cater to diverse consumer preferences and tastes. 
  • Online and direct-to-consumer sales: The rise of e-commerce platforms and direct-to-consumer sales channels is reshaping the baking industry, allowing businesses to reach consumers directly and offer personalized shopping experiences. 
  • Food safety and quality assurance: With increasing regulatory scrutiny and consumer expectations, ensuring food safety and quality assurance throughout the supply chain is critical for bakeries to maintain consumer trust and compliance with standards. 
  • Innovative packaging solutions: Innovative packaging solutions, including sustainable and eco-friendly materials, convenience features, and enhanced shelf life, are gaining importance in the baking industry to meet evolving consumer demands and regulatory requirements. 

Speaker candidates will have various session formats to leverage their unique perspectives and strategies, including classroom sessions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and TED-like talks on the show floor. IBIE welcomes session proposals covering a wide array of topics, targeting audiences ranging from wholesale bakers and retail management to ingredient and equipment suppliers. The 2025 program tracks encompass: artisan baking, automation, baking for retail, business for retail, cookie/cake decorating for retail, digital manufacturing, hot topics: products in demand, marketing, sustainability, trends in food science, and workforce.

IBIE 2025 is scheduled from September 14-17, with a dedicated day of education sessions on September 13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Photo: IBIE