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InterSICOP 2022 holds a forum for women bakers
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The upcoming edition of InterSICOP, held February 19-22, 2022, aims to support talent in the business among women as it hosts a Women Bakers’ Forum on Monday, February 21. The event is organized in collaboration with Pan de Calidad and Panorama Panadero, aiming to serve the community of leading professionals from the sector and share expertise. 

María José Sánchez, InterSICOP director, will be in charge of opening the forum, which will begin with the round table “Women entrepreneurs in the bakery sector”, which will bring together Anna
Bellsolà (Forn Baluard, Barcelona), Antía Fernández(Panadería Pallares, Lugo), Carmen Saiz (Harinas Saiz) and Ferida Ruggeri (Sermont).

A debate on the topic of women working in the rural vs. urban world is set to follow the round table, with the participation of Isabel Rivas (Molino de Isabel, Goá, Lugo), Asunción Coyo (Panadería Farré de l’Aigua, Noales, Huesca), María Franco (La Tahona de Sahagún, Sahagún, León) and Ana Marcén (Ecomonegros).

A debate on women and new technologies is also in the even’ts agenda, touching on issues such as online sales, digital opportunities, and the web, with Nuria Escarpa (3 letras PAN, Madrid), Gladys Oslé (Panadería Oslé, Gajano, Cantabria), Pilar Alonso (Asociación de Panadería de Vizcaya) and Irene Gómez (Gusto de antes). A nutritional coach will also join, to share guidelines on healthy eating habits.

The forum will close with the award ceremony for two prizes: senior and junior female bakers.

Throughout the event, various bakers will be baking bread live on the stands of Salva, Moulin de Colagne, Molinos del Duero, Cacao Barry and Sveba-Dahlen.