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IREKS puts a modern twist on traditional products

At iba, IREKS illustrated exciting taste dimensions and creative opportunities. Rethinking familiar products for the future was a theme at the stand, through which traditional raw materials can be rediscovered, prepared and combined in new ways to create new flavors.

Spelt and green spelt are the ingredients proposed by IREKS, for which it controls the entire production chain, from cultivation to refinement and processing to the finished baked goods. The company developed VEGRAIN GREEN SPELT SNACK, a product based on green spelt and oat flakes for the production of vegan snack products. Thanks to its many uses as a spread, filling or dip, the new product can be easily integrated into the existing range or used for offers such as burger patties, chilli sin carne and vegan Bolognese, IREKS points out.

For the PASTE FOR TASTE range, other raw materials whose can be combined, such as aromatic malt grains and seeds, sweetish malt flours and coarse malt flours, strong sourdough and a pinch of salt. IREKS gives them plenty of time to swell and ferment to create anything from bread and baguettes, to crispy rolls and confectionery baked goods.

A new product was unveiled, called ROMEO – a mix for Mediterranean-style bread. “ROMEO impresses with the interplay of a special flour cuvée and dried Lievito Madre, grape seed flour and olive oil,” the company described it. With it comes the mix and the matching herb topping JULIA TOPPING. The duet can create baked goods with character, reminiscent of holidays, the company recommends.

Another product highlighted at iba was the LIEVITO MADRE TRIO, fermented wheat bran, durum wheat Lievito Madre and active dry yeast. “While the wheat bran brings a full note of acidity and a slightly toasted taste to the baked goods, the durum wheat sourdough ensures good dough and fermentation stability, an appealing baked goods volume and a tender-melting, moist crumb. The trio is completed by active dry yeast, which guarantees the necessary proof performance and safety. In this way, perfect Mediterranean-style baked goods with a special flavour profile can be conjured up using different dough methods,” IREKS explains.

Visitors could also discover the IREKS MOIST CAKE! In addition to the basic mix, it is also available with chocolate or carob flour. “Carob” is the name given to the pulp of the pods of the carob tree. The sweetish, malty and at the same time subtly tart aroma is reminiscent of a mixture of caramel, coffee and cocoa.

Photo: IREKS