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Ireland: cost of pancake ingredients on the rise

On the occasion of Pancake Tuesday (February 13, 2024), the Central Statistics Office in Ireland calculated the costs of making pancakes using the prices of some of the items it collects as part of its National Average Prices basket. The analysis found that the cost of making a basic pancake has risen by 3% over the course of the last 12 months. These prices form part of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that measures inflation in Ireland.

The cost of buying the ingredients for a basic pancake mix using eggs, milk, and flour went up by 3% in the 12 months to December 2023, Ireland’s national statistical office says.

The cost of 2kg of white, self-raising flour went up by 10%, while the price of a half-dozen large eggs increased by 3%. The price of full-fat milk decreased by 3%. In terms of actual prices, flour went from EUR 2.39 to EUR 2.62, eggs increased from EUR 2.16 to EUR 2.21, while the average price of 2lt of milk fell from EUR 2.26 to ERU 2.18 in 2023.

“If you want to add a sprinkling of sugar to your pancake, the cost for 1kg of white, granulated sugar has risen by 24% over the course of the 12 months. By adding that spoonful of sugar to your pancake, the total cost of making pancakes goes up by 6.4%,” CSO says. In terms of prices, the average price for 1kg of white, granulated sugar has gone from EUR 1.51 to EUR 1.88.

Photo: Pexels (#1024252)