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Jan Willem van der Kamp appointed new Bread Senator

Dr. Jan Willem van der Kamp from the Netherlands was appointed as the new senator of the Bread Senate of the Association of German Plant Bakeries at the annual Conference in Heidelberg. Van der Kamp studied chemistry and worked in research at Unilever, then became director of grain research at TNO, the Dutch organization for applied sciences, in 1985. After 1990, he became increasingly involved in promoting international cooperation in grain research with research organizations and industry.

In his congratulatory speech, Professor Dr. Friedrich Meuser, honorary chairman of the Berlin-Brandenburg Society for Grain Research e.V. and himself a member of the Bread Senate, acknowledged van der Kamp’s contributions, including his participation in the EU’s HEALTHGRAIN project. HEALTHGRAIN sought to work out the importance of the components in grain for a healthy diet. According to Meuser, “van der Kamp played a decisive role in word, writing and deed”.

With the title Bread Senator, the Association of German Plant Bakeries honors personalities from business, research and science who have rendered outstanding services to bread as a product. Since 1998, a total of 21 people have been appointed bread senators.

Photo: The President of the Association of German Plant Bakeries, Prof. Dr Ulrike Detmers (center), with the new Bread Senator Dr. Jan Willem van der Kamp and Lottie van der Kamp. 

Photo credit: f2m