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KPM Analytics acquires AI developer Smart Vision Works

KPM Analytics acquired Smart Vision Works, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) providing computer vision systems for agriculture and food industries.  

Smart Vision Works is well known for its AI and edge computing technologies, used to sort products and detect foreign materials in the food production processes. They provide high accuracy and reliable results for vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood and other food products. By adding Smart Vision Works technology to its portfolio, KPM offers more options for food quality analysis solutions. KPM intends to integrate the Smart Vision Works products into the company’s existing portfolio of vision inspection systems serving the bakery, dairy and protein markets and expand sales throughout the global market using KPM’s extensive sales and service network.

Smart Vision Works systems quickly and automatically sort products by size and defect, allowing the defective items to be removed from the line. Using AI, the foreign material detector is engineered specifically for finding sub-standard items. Once trained, the system can detect virtually any foreign material, whether it’s plastic, cardboard, metal, and even hair. This is essential for food companies to ensure they are protecting their customers and reducing the risk of recalls.

“With this acquisition, KPM Analytics has significantly enhanced our vision inspection portfolio with new AI technologies,” stated Brian Mitchell, KPM Analytics CEO. “The addition of Smart Vision Works to our existing Sightline Process Controls and Eye Pro System machine vision businesses allows us to provide additional data and technologies for our customers to leverage in their production processes. We strongly believe that the advanced AI capabilities within Smart Vision Works will advance our offerings across all of the end markets we serve.”

 “Since 2012, we have worked to fulfill our mission of creating artificial intelligence-powered vision control systems that improve quality and production for our customers,” added Chris Bryant, President of Smart Vision Works. “We are excited to join KPM Analytics. KPM’s commitment to advancing the entire food production process from seed to table through technology aligns perfectly with our own vision and mission. The global resources and reach of KPM will allow us the opportunity to bring Smart Vision Works technologies to customers all over the world and to leverage our solutions in new and innovative ways.”

Photo: KPM Analytics