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LabID unveils sourdough microbiome testing tool

Based in Bolzano, Italy, BabID is one of the companies making an impactful debut at iba, joining the show in the iba.START UP AREA, which is organized in partnership with Puratos. The company highlights what it calls ‘the world’s first sourdough microbiome test tool’, a solution that helps users get in-depth knowledge about their sourdough starters. The sourdough is analyzed together with Marco Gobbetti, Dean of the Free University of Bolzano and his team. His current courses include ‘Fermentations as tools for making traditional and innovative foods and beverages’.

The company offers support in learning everything about sourdough starters. “Just like with matured wines and cheeses, the extra time taken to make bread also results in more taste, and… new research shows that this extra time can even bring additional health benefits. With LabID, you can test your Sourdough Starter,” the company explains.

Photo: Pexels (#8633662)