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Lidas to open frozen pastry factory

Lidas, a Romanian bakery headquartered in Tulcea, is opening a frozen pastry factory. It is an investment of EUR 46 million, half of which is state aid. When it opens in March, the facility located 270 km away from Bucharest will be one of the largest frozen pastry factories in Southeast Europe, Forbes Romania reports.

The factory covers an area of 170,000 square meters and will have a production capacity of 3 tons per hour (bakery products), and will be able to process 1 ton of pastry products per hour. The warehouse for frozen finished products will have a capacity of 11,000 pallets.
Lidas is looking to hire 200 people for the new factory. The recruitment process is already underway, as the company held an ‘open doors’ event for those interested to be able to visit, learn more about the operation and share resumes. “We hire and develop teams, from production, and delivery, to administrative and managerial positions. No work experience? We help you learn,” says a company announcement posted on the Lidas Facebook page.

“We are impressed by what is happening. We are in a labor crisis and we are glad to see that people appreciate such an investment. We have more than 30 types of jobs and we need more than 200 employees. Some have already been recruited for positions that required a longer training period. For other positions, we are now starting recruitment. We are not necessarily looking for experience, but people who want to learn and who want to evolve. We ensure their training,” the executive director of the company, Liviu Şotre, was quoted by Agerpress, in a report from January 20.

Şotre also told the press agency that the factory in Tulcea is one of the most important investments in Europe, and stands out in the automation level, even if the facility is not necessarily among the largest. “We’ve used the latest technology available on the market, we even challenged the suppliers to go the extra mile for certain technologies they had in the research phase and we decided together to implement them in our factory, do the research together and move forward.”

The bakery and pastry manufacturer from Tulcea also owns a bakery with a production area of over 10,000 square meters and an annual output of about 10,000 tons. Lidas also owns a mill, warehouses, and its own network of stores.

Photo: Lidas social media