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LINXIS Group names Tim Cook president, CEO

Tim Cook is the new president and CEO of the LINXIS Group, the French organization announced. The recent promotion follows his tenure as the CEO of Shick Esteve and the vice-president of the group comprising Bakon (The Netherlands), Diosna (Germany), Shick Esteve (USA/France), Unifiller (Canada) and VMI (France). Cook will remain in Kansas City, MO, and will have an additional office at the LINXIS Group headquarters in France.

Didier Soumet, president of the LINXIS Group supervisory board, commented on the new roles assigned to Cook: “When planning the succession of LINXIS Group leadership, I considered Tim’s industry experience, as well as his personal and professional skills, and he was the obvious choice to lead our global group. I am very proud that our board confirmed this choice, and that Tim has accepted. He, along with Anne Brifault, our vice-president and CFO, will truly personify LINXIS Group’s strategic ambitions for synergistic growth worldwide.”

In preparation for these changes, Shick Esteve also welcomed Gwennolé Van Effenterre as CFO on October 1.