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Mademoiselle Desserts introduces mini beignets in the UK

Moi by Mademoiselle Desserts announced it introduced its mini beignets for sale at UK grocery retailers. Moi’s frozen mini beignets are made from buttery French brioche dough and have different flavored fillings including hazelnut & cocoa, red fruits, apple, and speculoos

“Retailers strive to provide customers with high-quality products that deliver on taste and convenience,” says Anthony Saison, Head of Category Insights & Customer Marketing at Moi. “Our frozen mini beignets offer just that – an authentic French dessert experience that’s easy to prepare and enjoy at home. Our research shows that smaller, lighter indulgence is a growing trend in the sweet bakery arena with consumers increasingly interested in smaller touches of indulgence and quality.

We’re excited to partner with retailers to bring Moi’s frozen or ambient mini beignets to customers across the UK,” adds Saison. “As an absolute staple in the French sweet bakery scene, our mini beignets mark a groundbreaking entry into UK retail with the key USP they have a three-day shelf life.”


Photo: Mademoiselle Desserts