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baking+biscuit issue 2021-02
In the spotlight

The industry narrative surrounding everything automation is a very interesting topic, especially in the current circumstances. Auto-Bake Serpentine defines the need for automation as follows: when the demand for computation, precision, repeatability, speed, and endurance exceeds our human sensibilities.


The premiere virtual iba event took place from March 15 to 17, appropriately named after its fundamental goal: iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS. With the physical edition now moved to 2023, it also serves as a learning experience for the second installment, to be held in October in place of the anticipated in-person industry reunion.


Continuous dough production is designed with volume and efficiency in mind. Requirements stemming from the product characteristics, the manufacturing needs, the facility and equipment line-up will influence how continuous mixing and kneading should be set up.

Replicating traditional methods of preparing buns, bagels and rolls on an industrial scale is a task with an extensive list of challenges, to achieve high-volume, consistent results. Flexibility and innovation joined in dedicated production lines help provide the answers for endless product variations.

July 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the Geier bakery moves into its newly-built production in Strasshof, located about 10km east of the Austrian capital Vienna. Everything is right on schedule. The technology is state-of-the-art, and the focus on manual labor remains the same.

The next best thing since sliced bread might just be the technology behind consistency for all types of bread and versatile bagging options for ever-changing requirements.

Sugden Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of hotplate systems. Less than one month into the year, the UK-based company had made two major business announcements: the launch of a Mini Hotplate system for SMEs, and the acquisition of AMF’s VanderPol Waffle Systems, a fitting addition to its portfolio of Stroop waffle, Funcake, Belgian and Soft waffle production lines.

Networked and increasingly smarterTechnical development priorities, control & cleaning systems

After the first part of our survey of in-store oven manufacturers focused mainly on the impact of the pandemic, this second part is about control and cleaning systems and technical development priorities that suppliers are setting.

Silos and dosing

It takes a great deal of synchronization to consistently follow recipes and dose ingredients with maximum accuracy. Automation not only guarantees precision and efficiency in weighing and dosing, but also brings the benefits of achieving complete traceability of the materials processed, in as much detail as each manufacturer wants.

KAAK has recently added the expertise of Silowacht to its ‘silo to truck’ solution portfolio, expanding its product range with silo construction and ingredient dosing. These processes add to the existing expertise of the Dutch group and complete its range in the essential processes leading up to mixing.

Important efficiency results

Sustainability efforts comprise numerous aspects, with opportunities for improvements big and small in many nooks and especially crannies, which all add up. Steel belts for baking ovens are able to provide some of the most visible efficiency results in this regard. Berndorf Band Group and IPCO show how that’s done.


Recycling has a significant role to play in our environmental efforts, but it isn’t always the best way to prevent or alleviate major environmental concerns.


COVID-19 has hit the QSR industry especially hard, forcing restaurants to react quickly to market disruption and reemerge in diverse formats, seeking multichannel optimization.